To confabulate is to… concoct; fabricate; gab; gossip; invent; jaw; make up; natter on; schmooze; shoot the breeze; manufacture; tittle-tattle; unconsciously replace fact with fantasy.

A confabulation is used to help fill in gaps in time and memory, to normalize past and present experiences and to shield against the intolerable. A confabulation may be based partly on real world facts or be a complete construction of the imagination.

LOS CONFABULATORS. Texas-bred and bottle-fed, surgically transplanted to the east coast with funk-trunks and twang-ability more or less intact, plus big beats and crazy noise to match, LOS CONFABULATORS came together to salute you with their dubbed-out, psycho-indelicate instrumental debut, ‘SUP:  a record any mother would be proud to have her kids hooked on.

LOS CONFABULATORS are steeped in the timeless wisdom that comes from the crooked shoulders of the great american roadside. They ascribe to the sun-broasted wisdom of an obscure southwestern philosopher and bluesman known as WITHERIN’ JOHNSON who whittled the all-ness of everything down to three basic talking points…

1. Be Alive.
2. Speak Spanish.
3. No Checks.

Nobody said the man was thinkin’ straight at the time, but then….